2020.07.04 [sat] 19:00 ~
07.31 [fri] 23:59

2020年6月29日(月)~7月4日(土)に銀座・GALLERY ART POINTにて開催された石井智菜美個展のオンライン版です。新旧12点の展示を行っています。作品は全てそれぞれのページよりご購入いただくことができます。

June 29 (Mon) - July 4 (Sat), 2020 at GALLERY ART POINT, Ginza This was the online version of the solo exhibition of Chinami Ishii held at the gallery.
New and old 12 works are on display. All works are available for purchase on each page.

石井 智菜美

Chinami Ishii


Chinami Ishii was born in 1987 in Hokkaido, Japan; started working in 2014. Self-taught. Characterized by a delicate and fantastic style that fuses vivid watercolors and pointillism with many gradations.
Inspired by the beauty of nature that is not artificial, and the inner emotions based on own experiences, and I am in search of the ideal color representation.
There is no specific breed or model for the fluid petals and intertwined plant figures depicted in most of his work.
Dark eyes, eyebrow-less faces... the expressionlessness of these figures is positioned more as "the embodiment of emotions" than as human beings.
Just as there is no right answer for each individual emotion, there is no right answer for the imagine of a work of my art.
I want you imagine the story of the wavering colors and the pointillism to freely.